ACE Messaging Group

As a project of the Community Education Workgroup, the ACEs Messaging Group (AMG) is a unique group that brought together members of the Philadelphia ACE Task Force with community partners to use what they learned in workshops with Dr. Sandra Bloom and marketing expert, Jonah Berger. The initial development phase of this project was launched thanks to funding by Atlantic Health Foundation, and the second wave of the project was supported by the First Hospital Foundation

The group worked together from the foundation of the initial workshops to develop and refine compelling messages related to ACEs, trauma, and resilience. Through focus group and engagement with community stakeholders, the AMG developed messages to for three target audiences: 

Each of these 3 areas focused on strength-based messages with hope for the future and hope for others. One important area that emerged out of the conversations, was a desire how to convey the weight and seriousness of the life long impacts that can result from ACEs. The decision was made to do a fourth set of messages that focus specifically on the physical, behavioral, and mental health outcomes that can result.

  • ACE impact: outcomes (somber series)