The Philadelphia ACE Task Force (PATF) came together to create a vision for the work in 2014. Out of this vision emerged 4 key priorities, from which the PATF formed four workgroups: Community Education, Workforce Development, Practical Interventions and Research. The work of these for groups is featured here on the website. The Community Education workgroup is wrapping up its ACE Messaging project, the Workforce Development concluded its work with the launch of its toolkit at a local conference, the Practical Interventions workgroup developed a resource guide for seeking care for each area of ACEs, and the Research Committee is working towards a new, expanded set of ACE Questions. Next steps are to launch the new 2017 Strategic Plan Committees on Policy and Community Engagement.

The Advocacy and Policy project was created to identify opportunities to contribute to policy change that incorporates the latest research on ACEs and resilience. 



The Philadelphia ACE Research Committee is comprised members in pediatrics, behavioral health, and adolescent medicine, and epidemiology, who developed the Philadelphia Expanded ACE Survey Questions. 

The goal of the Community Education Workgroup is to inform community residents in the Philadelphia region about the impact and prevalence of adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma, the role of resilience, and the possibility of healing and recovery.

The Workforce Development Workgroup focused on identifying opportunities and strategies to disseminate information on ACEs, trauma and resilience to the workforce via higher and continuing education.

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