Toolkit: Incorporating Trauma Informed Practice & ACEs into Professional Curricula

The Higher Education and Workforce Development Workgroup of the Philadelphia ACE Task Force was established to work on the task force priority to move the content on trauma, the impact of childhood adversity and ACEs, and toxic stress into the curricula of higher education. Co-chaired by Jeanne Felter, PhD, Program Director and Associate Professor Community and Trauma Counseling, at Philadelphia University and Suzanne O’Connor, Impact Manager at the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, the workgroup under a grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Fellowship Network – Innovation Grant, and with the leadership of Leann Ayers, Fellow Class 4, developed the following resource. The toolkit is designed to aid faculty and teachers in a variety of disciplines, specifically social work, medicine, law, education, and counseling, to develop or integrate critical content on adverse childhood experiences and trauma informed care into new or existing curricula of graduate education programs. This Toolkit was released in conjunction with the event:  "The Need for Trauma-Informed Curricula at Institutions of Higher Learning: A Call to Action"

Download Toolkit below:
Incorporating Trauma Informed Practice and ACEs into Professional Curricula - a Toolkit