Strength-Based (Trauma Informed) Leadership Programs (SBTILP)

Training Format: 
Target Audience: 
Behavioral Health Services Providers and Management
Health and Human Services Professionals
Parents and Caregivers
Law Profession
Master's Degree Programming
Certificate of Completion
Continuing Education Credits

Strength-Based (Trauma Informed) Leadership Programs (SBTILP) uses an award-winning three (3) step (hierarchical) model to bring positive transformation to children, youth, teens, families, and professionals. Two examples of programs are Teen Leadership and Conflict Resolution Theater. The highly Interactive programs and keynotes have pioneered using evidenced-based practices; the arts (visual, culinary, performing), games, exercises, discussion, writing, sociometry, role-plays and interactive musicals to engage. 

Happy to discuss the compassionate practices, strategies, and program design that brings positive outcomes to community programs leading to positive transformation.

Here is a link to a wonderful letter written about the impact of the Strength-Based (Trauma Informed) Leadership Programs (SBTILP)

Time Commitment: 

Each workshop is designed, interactively delivered, and evaluated to meet the goals and outcomes identified.

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Judy Nelson, MSS, CP, LCSW