Virtual Cafes

Part 1 of the series shared information on the biology of stress and stress management and practiced these tools with participants.

Part 2 of the series is focused on real stories of workplaces grappling with stress and how they have incorporated wellness and resilience strategies. Videos of the first two in the real world stories series are here:


  • Wellness in the Workplace #1 featuring the Violence Prevention Initiative at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Wellness in the Workplace #2 featuring Support Center for Child Advocates 



While Secondary Traumatic Stress, or the stress that can come with witnessing and caring for others who are traumatized, as well primary trauma that can occur with caregivers in roles like firefighting and emergency personnel, the stress from COVID - social isolation and fear, and racial trauma each may have a different origin, the effects on the body's biological stress response may be the same. Mindfulness practices, organizational support for connection, and education and destigmatizing the experience of traumatic stress can all build a more productive and healthier workplace as well as supporting healthy families and community.