Health Federation of Philadelphia - Multiplying Connections Initiative

Training Format: 
Philadelphia, PA
Target Audience: 
Behavioral Health Services Providers and Management
Health and Human Services Professionals
Parents and Caregivers
Continuing Education Credits

Multiplying Connections, an initiative of the Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP), provides training, consultation, and coaching to organizations and systems working to integrate a trauma informed approach to care. They provide an array of courses designed to build awareness, skills and competencies for trauma informed care. Their portfolio includes workshops for  different levels of professionals within an organization including direct service providers, program directors and supervisors. Courses focus both on hands-on application of trauma informed techniques and strategies to change practices and policies in organizations and systems to better reflect trauma-informed principles.

Time Commitment: 

The Health Federation of Philadelphia views workforce development as a necessary, but not sufficient component of organizational and system change. They begin with a needs assessment of each client/organization and build a training and consultation package that meets the client’s specific needs. Workshops range from one-hour to full-day courses and can be offered as one-time awareness building events or as a series designed to strengthen competencies and skills through workshops that build upon one another.  

Contact Information: 

Monica Sullivan

Phone: (215) 977-8990