Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Workgroup is focused on identifying opportunities and strategies to ensure that information about ACEs, trauma and resilience is disseminated to the workforce via higher and continuing education.

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Workgroup Co-Chairs

Jeanne Felter, PhD and Suzanne O'Connor

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Our Work

In Progress

What are next steps for the school system in trauma-informed practice? Staff and teachers from more than 200 schools in Philadelphia have participated in trainings related to trauma-informed practice. To investigate the impact of that training, and next steps to support school staff in adopting effective trauma-informed solutions, a subcommittee of the Workforce Development Workgroup will be conducting focus groups with faculty and staff of the Philadelphia School District to better understand facilitators and barriers to implementing trauma-informed practice in the classroom.


Want to get trauma-informed training for your workplace? There are a myriad of highly regarded resources in the Philadelphia region that can provide training for staff who work with children, families, and communities. The Workforce Development Workgroup of the Philadelphia ACE Task Force, in conjunction with the Youth Violence Prevention Collaborative, developed a database of trainings related to ACEs, trauma, and resilience. 


ACEs are a public health issue, with broad-sweeping relevence to multiple professional disciplines. Which colleges and universities and which degree programs currently incorporate ACE information and trauma-awareness and what are the core concepts that could be added when this content is missing? The ACEs in Higher Education subgroup investigated this and developed a resource guide to help others.


Representatives from the Philadelphia ACE Task Force were invited to meet with the National Medical Board of Examiners (NMBE)  to provide an overview of ACEs, Trauma and the potential impact of its incorporation into the NMBE exams. The NMBE is in discussion about potential next steps.

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