Practical Interventions

The goal of the Practical Interventions Workgroup is to establish a directory of trauma-informed services and resources in Philadelphia and use this network to encourage collaboration, action, and development of trauma-informed principles in our city.

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Workgroup Co-Chairs

Lee Pachter, MD and Esther Chung, MD

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Our Work


Adapted from the Missouri Model: Framwork for Trauma Informed MO Department of Mental Health and Partners, the Practical Interventions Workgroup developed a framework for the full Philadelphia ACE Task Force to define the spectrum of organizational trauma-informed practice. 

In Progress

Philadelphia has a wealth of resources for individuals who have experienced ACEs and trauma. In order to bring these groups together to discuss shared learnings and work to have broader impact, the Task Force must first understand all of the individuals, organizations, and agencies that are doing this fantastic work. The Practical Interventions Workgroup is currently working to draw on the knowledge of Task Force members to develop a referral guide for Philadelphia-based resources that provide services for individuals with ACEs.


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